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Our team is an expert in Hyaluronan supply with over 20 years experience in the  production, sales and marketing of the highest quality of Hyaluronan on the market. We can supply in many different grades and can tailor make to client demands.

Hyaluronan Formulation

TAK Biopharma can help in all your Hyaluronan based formulations with 10 years experience in developing Hyaluronan based formulations for the medical device and pharmacutical industries.

Hyaluronan Based Technologies

Our sister company, Hyamedix, has patented Hyaluronan based technologies for the 3D cell culture and regenerative medicine markets.


Pharma Grade Hyaluronan

Hyaluronan with Mw of 7 to 2300 KDa


  • Source: bacterial fermentation (Streptococcus equi, subsp. zooepidemicus), non haemolytic and no animal derived materials used during production

  • Toxicology: Non toxic and data available upon request ( under a CDA)

  • Quality:
    • Ph. Eur. latest addition
    • US Phamacopeia Pending Monograph quality
    • ISO 9001: 2008
    • GMP facility according to ICH Q7
    • In-house quality management

  • Certificates and Registrations:
    • GMP certificate - State Institute for Drug Control, Prague, Czech Republic
    • CEP certificates (Certificates of Suitability fo the Ph. Eur.) from EDQM, France
    • DMF submitted to the US FDA
    • DMF (ASMF) for Eruope - available upon request
    • Inspected by the US FDA without any 483 letters

  • MW range from small oligosaccharides to industrial material from 7 to 2300 kD. Dispersity of 200 kDa

  • Sodium Hyaluronate Forms 
    • Fine powder as an API
    • HA based derivate technologies suitable for Hydrogels
    • Drug delivery applications
    • Microfibers
    • Nanofibers

Custom Hyaluronan available upon request

Hyaluronan Formulations and Support

Custom Hyaluronan Formulations

TAK Biopharma can develop proprietary custom formulations based on hyaluronan for many application areas including cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

We have extensive experience working with medical device and pharmaceutical clients developing viscous formulations in the areas of dermo cosmetics (topical and injectable), dermal fillers, mesotherapy, wound care, ophthalmology, orthopaedics and oncology.

We can also support in the area of drug delivery and controlled release.

Formulation Support

TAK Biopharma can support and help with existing client formulations either in optimising those formulations for better processability, sterilisation and/or effectiveness in the determined application area.

We can support in the following areas:

  • Chemical characteristics
  • Swelling properties
  • Viscoelastic properties
  • Injectability
  • Heat stability
  • General Formulation properties
  • Bio stability

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